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Custom Reserve for NC


Custom Reserve for NC, details per email convo - kindly do not purchase. Mahalo!

Keep the ocean close to your heart all year long with our adjustable Kai Strand™ Necklaces.  Dainty, surf-tumbled sea glass pendants - known as "Mermaid Tears" - with mini triangle jump rings on waterproof cords in coffee, mocha, or bronze.

These versatile pieces can be worn as any-length adjustable necklaces to 30", and as a choker or bolo style, with beautiful back strands.  They can also be worn as a bracelet or anklet, although they fit best as a neck piece.  

Each mermaid tear is totally unique with natural, organic shapes formed by the ocean.  No two pieces are alike making each necklace truly one-of-a-kind. 

Our products are handmade from found objects which are recycled, repurposed, and upcycled. We use genuine surf-tumbled sea glass (never altered) which we personally find on Oahu and in Northern California, and which we source from trusted vendors in the Caribbean and Japan.  

Genuine surf tumbled sea glass is ocean tumbled for decades and considered a rare "found" object with natural imperfections. Many pieces are vintage or antique depending on the age of the glass.  The value of genuine sea glass varies based on color rarity, size, quality, thickness and age of piece.  Our prices vary accordingly.  

**We love collaborating on custom jewelry orders!  Contact Us with your request.

Sea glass is known as a symbolic talisman for healing and transformation due to the extraordinary process by which ordinary glass becomes "sea glass".  It has a zen-like quality as the ocean plays catalyst for an alchemy to occur with each piece of glass, like turning base metal into gold, or bringing an individual's unconscious to the light....(for more visit The Alchemy of Sea Glass )

Mahalo for shopping handmade!

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