Custom Reserve for KC

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Custom Reserve for KC


Custom Reserve for KC, details per email convo - kindly do not purchase. Mahalo!

Our signature sea glass necklace has one-of-a-kind, genuine, ocean-tumbled sea glass pendants on beautiful Sterling Silver ball chains. Simple and elegant, these necklaces are great for layering or as a simple statement piece to add to your collection.  Sea glass pendants are often used as worry stones you gently rub between your fingers to calm away worries in times of stress and remind you of how truly perfect you are.

Each piece is handmade with the Spirit of Aloha and beautifully packaged in sea-themed linen bags.  Ships within one week. 

Beach Whites:  pure whites

Jungle Greens:  dark green shades such as olive, jade + green teal

Light Blue Seafoam:  all light blue shades

Light Aquas:  all light green shades

Palm Greens:  bright green shades - kelly, emerald

Our products are handmade from found objects which are recycled, repurposed, and upcycled. We use genuine surf-tumbled sea glass (never altered) which we personally find on Oahu and in Northern California, and which we source from trusted vendors in the Caribbean and Japan.  

Genuine surf tumbled sea glass is ocean tumbled for decades and considered a rare "found" object with natural imperfections. Many pieces are vintage or antique depending on the age of the glass.  The value of genuine sea glass varies based on color rarity, size, quality, thickness and age of piece.  Our prices vary accordingly.  

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