Our process starts with finding and sourcing the sea jewels mother ocean has graciously recycled for us. We hand-collect about 50% of our sea glass and 100% of our driftwood, coral and shells from the shores of Oahu, Hawai'i.  We use genuine surf-tumbled sea glass (never altered) which we personally find on Oahu and Northern California, and we source additional sea glass from trusted vendors in the Caribbean and Japan. All shells and coral are found beached and empty, never taken from their natural environment.  



All materials get a fresh water bath and are left to dry and sanitize in the sun. We then begin a lengthy sorting process according to color, size, and shape for the sea glass, and according to size and shape for the driftwood. Our materials are then prepped and organized to begin the process of designing each piece.



Sea glass is chosen for the mobile design. During this step, we find the best pieces that complement each other and bring overall cohesion to the design. Once the piece is laid out, we begin the process of stringing each sea glass piece. The line is meticulously tied to both top and bottom of each sea glass piece making them more secure and lending a uniformity to each strand. 



After the piece is strung, we choose the piece of driftwood that best matches the design based on wood color, size and thickness. We sand most pieces for a more refined look, and carefully measure and drill tiny holes for the strands. The line is then made to disappear in the driftwood through the holes and secured on top for an "invisible" look. We then measure, tie, and knot the twine to the piece for hanging.  



We do a final securing of each individual sea glass piece, double check the piece for hanging balance, and adjust accordingly. Each mobile is then beautifully wrapped and packaged in biodegradable, recyclable, compostable material. We include a gift vial of tiny sea glass ("mermaid tears") and beach shells with every mobile, plus extra twine to adjust hanging height.