Our mobiles are handmade from natural materials and found objects that have been repurposed and upcycled for a rustic beach, zen, cottage, vintage, or bohemian look.  Each mobile is one of a kind and very unique.  Our handmade process and attention to detail are meticulous ( + a labor of love!)....a single mobile can take hours, days, or weeks to create, depending on the size.

They are most beautiful suspended in natural light - near a window or on a deck/lanai - where they can twirl gently with light breeze or natural air motion. The sea glass colors dance and sparkle when hanging freely this way...their beauty is ethereal and calming.

The larger mobiles are beautiful as statement wall pieces.   

We hand-collect the majority of our sea glass and all of our driftwood on the beaches of Oahu, Hawai'i. Beginning in 2016 we are also collecting driftwood and sea glass from the Northern Coast of California. Any other glass used is also surf-tumbled sea glass we source from trusted vendors. 


Each mobile comes with a linen bag that includes a gift vial of tiny sea glass ("Mermaid Tears") and beach shells. The mobiles are beautifully wrapped and packaged in biodegradable, recyclable, compostable material.

Hang indoors or out in light breeze - not meant to withstand heavy winds or rain.  

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